Say Hello to Your Purposeful Business

Hi, I’m Ruta. I help problem solvers to develop modern leadership skills, create innovations from zero and grow purposeful businesses. Online.

How can I help you grow?


Have a visionary yet specific plan for life and business

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a dedicated time for reflection and decision making. The service helps professionals to envision meaningful goals for life and business, evaluate resources, commit to specific and easy-to-follow action steps.


Solve a social or environmental problem in a novel way

Innovation Consulting

Innovation service was designed to give professionals a structured and empathic approach when creating new products. You will learn to research the market, discover business opportunities, test ideas, and more.


Discover digital opportunities for your business​

Business Strategy

Strategy service helps new businesses and social enterprises to communicate clearly how you create value, for whom, how you grow, and more.


Develop a simple process for sharing online​

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing service provides simple tools and steps you can easily repeat or delegate for sharing and building trust with your audiences online.


Find the right style to communicate your ideas

Website Design

Have a virtual home for your ideas or a brand. Together, we will turn your customers challenges and your business goals to a beautiful website.

Collaborate online

No matter where you are, I will be there to listen to your challenges, propose a solution and help make it happen.

Start a conversation

Whether you are starting a new business or reinventing the old, let’s connect to share ideas and discuss your project.